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Power Transmission 

Conveyor Belts: 
Conveyor belts are suitable for all industry sectors i.e. rationalized product movement, even under difficult environmental circumstances 
BSC can supply Conveyor belts in all standard sizes and can offer an on site fitting service. Contact us for more details. 
Here at BSC we can supply a wide range of couplings from: Flexible Couplings, Tyre Flexible Couplings, Jaw Flexible Couplings and Rigid Couplings. We offer a wide range from Manufacturers such as Renold, Rexnord, Lovejoy, Huco, Autogard, Mayr & Flender. 
Listed below is the standard range of Coupling Sizes. 
Coupling Range 
HRC70 to HRC280 Flexible Couplings 
F40 to F220 Tyre Flexible Couplings 
L035 to L180 Jaw Flexible Couplings 
RM12 to RM40 Rigid Couplings 
Rexnord Omega & Viva 
Renold Crown Pin & Disc Flexible 
David Brown Nylicon 
Roller Chain: 
Here at BSC we stock Standard sizes of British Standard Roller Chain and can also supply all different sizes. Roller Chain is available in both British and American standards, in pitch sizes from 6mm up to 2”, Simplex, Duplex and Triplex along with connecting links and crank links. We can also supply cut chain to suit whatever application 
Roller Chain Range 
06B to 32B British Standard Roller Chain 
ASA35 to ASA180 American Standard Roller Chain 
We can also offer a range of Leaf & Conveyor Chain. Contact us for more details. 
BSC can supply Roller Chain Sprockets in both in Pilot and Tapered Bore. These are constructed from high quality materials and are finished to tight dimensional tolerances and when coupled with Roller Chain permits the functioning of a precision gear system. Available in Simplex, Duplex & Triplex and in certain sizes Double Simplex. We are also able to supply Platewheels in Pilot Bore. 
Please find sizes below; 
Chain Sprocket Range 
06B to 32B British Standard Pilot & Taper Bore Sprockets 
06B to 32B British Standard Plate Wheels 
We are also able to supply sprockets from the ANSI American range. Contact us for more details. 
Taper Bushes: 
We can supply Bushes both Metric and Imperial. Taper Bushes form the most convenient and cost effective method of fixing components to a mating shaft without the need for any machining process. 
Designed for use with V & Wedge Belt Pulleys, Poly V Belt Pulleys, Timing Pulleys, Roller Chain Sprockets, Flexible & Rigid Couplings, Weld On & Bolt On Hubs, Adaptors. Taper Bushes form a vital link between shaft and component. 
Please see below size; 
Taper Bushes & Adaptor Range 
1008 to 5050 Imperial Taper Bushes 
1008 to 5050 Metric Taper Bushes 
1008PM to 5050PM Adaptors 
1008KM to 5050KM Adaptors 
Timing Belts & Pulleys
BSC Can supply Timing Belts in both metric and imperial pitch sizes and solve every requirement for high power precision transmissions. All Timing Belts have superior heat and oil-resistant properties, from light duty XL to heavy duty HTD and Polychain. 
Timing Belt Range 
Imperial XL, L, H & XH 
Imperial Double Sided XL, L & H 
HTD 3M, 5M, 8M & 14M 
HTD Double Sided 8M & 14M 
Metric T2.5, T5, T10, AT5 & AT10 
Metric Double Sided T5 & T10 
Polychain 8M & 14M 
Timing Belt Pulley Range
We can also Supply a complete range of Timing Belt Pulleys both in Aluminium and Cast Iron. 
Timing Pulley Range 
Imperial XL, L, H & XH 
HTD 3M, 5M, 8M & 14M 
Metric (Synchroflex)T2.5, T5 & T10. 
BSC can supply Timing Belt Pulleys in both Pilot and Tapered Bore both metric and imperial pitch sizes. All Timing Belt Pulleys are constructed from high quality material and are finished to tight dimensional tolerances 
Variable Speed Belts: 
We can supply variable speed belts in the following sizes and widths to suit your requirements. 
13 x 5 / 17 x 5 
21 x 6 / 22 x 8 
23 x 10 / 26 x 8 
28 x 8 / 30 x 10 
32 x 10 / 37 x 10 
41 x 13 / 47 x 13 
52 x 16 / 55 x 16 
65 x 20 / 70 x 18 
Vee & Wedge Belts: 
Here at BSC we keep stock of all the standard sizes of the following 
Classical Belts (M/Z, A, B, C, D) 
Wedge Belts (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC) 
CRE Classical Belts (ZX, AX, BX, CX) 
We can also supply the following types of Belts: 
Wedge belts, wrapped belts, space saver belts, 
Cogged raw edge belts, precision and matched belts, 
Multi ribbed banded belts, poly vee belts, link belting, 
Polyurethane belting, open ended vee and round belting, 
Volta belting, hexagonal belts, narrow belts, 
Laminated special construction topped belts 
Vee Pulleys: 
BSC stock a selection of Vee Pulleys, but can also provide any size to meet the customers needs in Steel or Aluminium. The standard range is manufactured in Cast Iron and utilises the flexibility of the Taper Lock Bush. Standard Aluminium Pulleys are also available in pilot bore. 
Below is the standard range 
V Belt Pulley Range 
SPZ section 
SPA section 
SPB section 
SPC section 
V-Pulleys are available in pilot bore & taper bored, diameters are available from 50mm up to 1250mm and from 1-10 grooves 
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